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im so tired rn dude how do i layer backgrounds

february 3rd, 2021 - 8:10 PM

forgot to post yesterday, apologies!

made a leon bronev quotes bot today which was fun, gotta add more quotes later. wanna play some more AL at some point. i only slept for like 3 hours and ive given up on doing my work again bless

that's all i think! i'm tired and don't have much to say. listen to phoning it in by gerard way please

(ps. today i listened to wake me up before you go-go for like ten hours and yesterday i listened to minions YMCA for 14 whole hours! tom jones was playing on top of it for a while too, with the occasional meet the spy on the discord bot too lol)

good evening!

-angie ♡

february 1st, 2021 - 5:12 AM

apologies for the lack of blog post yesterday!!! i got up at about 3pm and then was on call with pearl (WHO!!!!! MIGHT I ADD!!! IS MY GIRLFRIEND NOW!!!!!!!!!!) and we were on call for like ten hours it was fantastic i love xem,,, pearl beat like all of pandoras box today (which they only started yesterday (on the 30th)) after we were on like a seven hour call that day too!!!! i love xem

also i havent played azran legacy in ages but i played like 7 or 8 hours today!!!!! i finished up my last buisness in london and collected all the eggs and i did some stuff in the nest but i have to solve like 20 more puzzles before i can see bronev in his office (i think its abt 15 now??) but i had an AMAZING time

that was really all i did today!!!! i need to get a new phone charger though because mine broke yesterday :(


-angie ♡

january 30th, 2021 - 5:48 PM

hi!!! i haven't done any work today ( i woke up like a half an hour [3 something oclock] ago cause i stayed up late ) but thats ok cause its saturday!!!!!!

i reactivated my twitter as well. was that a mistake? maybe! but i muted a bunch of words and so i see less negative stuff on my tl!!!! also i ate a chicken ball and some chips today and it took me like an hour to write this post cause i got distracted and forgot about it!!!!

anyway thats really all i have to say!!

-angie!!! ♡

january 29th, 2021 - 4:47 PM

good evening!!! i went through my PDC & PE work (didn't do any of it because i didn't have to turn it in), so i can cross those off my list! i did the most recent english work- i don't care enough to go through my emails- and i've just done, like, nearly an hour of math work? not particularly fun, and i have SO much more to do, but i need to eat something because uhhhh all i ate today was a single chocolate digestive when i woke up a few hours ago. so that's bad! and im really hungry i should eat!!

i also need to vaccum my room still, and rearrange my posters- i have a few i need to hang up again and uh i definitely gotta move some around there's not enough room on my wall whoops!! i also wanna play more azran legacy but we'll see if that happens!!

also idk if i said it here but we're getting a gamecube!!!!!! animal crossing is like nearly 20 pounds more than the console itself though bless so hopefully if i get some money i can get it (and also maybe simpsons hit & run my beloved)

also also!!!! fish & chips for dinner tonight and hopefully we get mushy peas i love mushy peas sm man

also also also!!!! listen to weekender girl (the miku one) ive listened to it on loop today i love it sm,,, miku my beloved

-angie!!! ♡

january 28th, 2021 - 12:06 PM

finally starting to catch up on my schoolwork, so that's good, i suppose! it took me over an hour to do one music sheet that was due about three weeks ago and that's the ONLY thing i've done, but it's something, i guess.

i ate some pretzels and a couple mini bags of chips. not really healthy, but that and a ton of water combined made me not hungry enough to eat anything else, so, uh, hopefully i remember to eat something else later. i think there's leftover sausages in the fridge? there should be, since i skipped dinner last night (i had cheese on bread [i forgot to toast the toast], a hard boiled egg [which i did not peel well] and then like half a mini baugette like an hour before dinner was supposed to be ready but in my defense my stomach hurt bc i had eaten basically nothing all day. yes i know i'm a genius).

kinda miss twitter. wish i didn't miss it. i'll end up going back to it anyway, i know i will. hopefully i finish my schoolwork before then.


january 28th, 2021 - 8:50 AM

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!! i slept for like over twelve hours apparently (i probably wouldve slept for longer if my mom didnt wake me up golly) and im literally just vibing!!!! im not a morning person at all but like,,, pog,,,,

i mean clean room????? slept and woke up at a normal time??????? is this how normal ppl live???? god i wish that were me

also im listening to bakamitai on loop again its a miracle im not sick of it yet??? i listened to it on loop for hours yesterday golly,,,, thats another one for this year's spotify top 100!!!!

anyway i need to get my brothers up at some point because at least one if not both of them have online class so!!! also maybe expect another blog post today bc i posted so early and i got OTHER STUFF to talk about!!!!! woo!!

-angie ♡

january 27th, 2021 - 7:40 PM

wooooo!!! i just finished cleaning my room, i did it for about an hour and a half straight i think- bakamitai was playing on loop the whole time :P anyways my room is so clean now (sans the dust and hair, i'll have to vaccum tomorrow), which means we can finally move the tv stand (and thus, the old tv) up into my room!!! so i can plug my switch in up here, and mom said i could also have the gamecube when it comes, which is SO pog!!! i'm definitely gonna buy animal crossing for it, and probably simpsons hit & run- maybe super mario sunshine? those were the only games i ever really played on it. (i'd love to play paper mario ttyd if i could ever find a copy for less then 100 quid, god.)

i did tucker myself out cleaning though, even if it wasn't much, so i might fall asleep soon, lol. today was pretty good!!!

-angie ♡

january 26th, 2021 - 9:39 PM

on january 26th, i took a break from twitter- not for the first time. but this time, i deactivated my account & everything- the other times i had just logged out. i *needed* to leave, because twitter was addicting- i spent hours upon hours on it every day, and that's not okay. i hadn't done any of my schoolwork from this term, i hadn't really done much of ANYTHING. and twitter was really only dragging me down. so i deactivated, and i made a list of four things i was going to do before i reactivated my twitter:

-i need to catch up on ALL of my school work, and *continue* to attend classes & do work
-i needed to clean up and fix my room- i had been meaning to do this for months, and i started the other day- though all i ended up doing was lining all my 3ds/ds games on a shelf, and clearing a couple shelves out. (i made a bigger mess of the floor in the process.)
-i wanted to set up my pillowfort- blogging is something i'd always been interested in, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity, as it had *just* released to the public.
-i needed to sort out my overseas proxy shipping, which i had been putting off.

and i imposed limits on my go-to apps when i was bored- when twitter was gone, i ended up using twitter, reddit and discord instead- so i got rid of tumblr and reddit, and imposed a limit of an hour and a half for discord, so i didn't waste my time endlessly scrolling through quiet channels.

i also seemed to use geometry dash a lot more, i guess 'cause it's a fairly mindless thing to do- so i imposed a 20-minute timer on that, too. (i put an hour limit on youtube, but honestly, i hadn't been watching a lot of youtube as of late either.)

it's been less than 24 hours since i deactivated my twitter, but hopefully i at least get the first two things on my to-do list done.